Our ways of being and doing are also grounded in the following principles:

Wholism – Our approach to work is rooted in our Indigenous/Aabitaawikwe worldview. Wholistic worldviews are fundamentally inclusive and emphasize the belongingness of all of Creation. Time and space are understood in a non-linear and cyclical way. We are deeply connected to the Spirit World and to the Ancestors who have gone before us and the children who have yet to be born. Our spiritual systems celebrate these connections across time, and honour Mother Earth as the source of all life, and all of Creation as our sacred relatives. As such, we consider a wider, more inclusive scope of information in analysis, design, and decision-making.


Humility – We see ourselves in balanced connection with all things in the web of Mother Earth’s creation. We consider all life as our Sacred relations, including the water, wind, rocks, land, animals, plants, and the diverse human family of all Nations. In this web of kinship, we each have inherent responsibilities to extend care, respect, and empathy to all our relatives.

Relationships – In recognition of the sacred web of kinship, we use relational methods and frameworks to guide our work. This means that relationship development is always the starting place.  It is within relationships that we are able to build strong community driven organizations which are responsive to the specific needs of that community in that specific place.

Respect, Accountability & Responsibility – 

Creativity – 

Flexibility & Adaptability – We cannot fully anticipate how a project should be shaped until we are in the process of completing it. We recognize that in order to do work in a good way, with values in focus and a wholistic approach, we must be flexible and adaptable to what is learned throughout the process.

Our Values in Action — We do not work for or adjacent to oil and gas industries, mining, or industries that perpetuate deforestation.