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Leah's time in my classroom at Osgoode Hall Law School was really special and so appreciated, both by me and the students. Through her dynamic style of presentation, colourful, engaging and real-time graphics and deep well of knowledge and experience, she gave us all much to think about and question—pretty much the best thing you can ask from an educator. We were lucky to have gotten that time with her.

Jean-Paul Bevilacqua / Assistant Director / Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution

As an organization made up primarily of settlers, we engaged Leah to guide us through a cultural shift towards reconciliation. She worked with us to understand our needs and gaps in knowledge, which formed the basis for the research and educational workshops she led with the full staff team. Her research helped us understand the long history of appropriation that settlers continue to perpetuate, and how our organization could make internal changes to work towards reconciliation. Leah is extremely skilled at facilitating difficult conversations, and is able to explore challenging topics with grace and humour. She has a unique ability to help people feel safe in discomfort, and helped us reflect on our responsibilities to reconciliation in a way that encouraged thoughtful discussion without individual blame. Her work directly impacted our internal culture, and helped us realize concrete ways to strengthen our practice, while contributing meaningfully to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

Erica Lalonde / Manager of Restorative Schools/ Peacebuilders Canada

I brought Leah into my social justice class to share knowledge about Indigenous perspectives and realities, and how to be an ally in reconciliation. I will be bringing her back in my history classes, to strengthen the students' critical thinking skills. Together, we are dissecting current curriculum models to make space for multiple worldviews and stories. She has inspired me to reflect on models of teaching that create more engaging and inspiring classrooms. I can’t say enough about her ability to capture an audience with her knowledge, while promoting meaningful dialogue and reflection. 

Jessica Beresford / Educator / Toronto District School Board

Leah is an engaging and compelling facilitator. She is able to connect with participants, ask insightful questions, and encourage participation from even the shyest individuals. Plus, she can capture the discussion in clear and accessible notes while she is facilitating. She is particularly adept at leading tough and complex conversations.

Sara Fruchtman / Manager of Research, Communications & Public Policy / Peacebuilders Canada

Leah has the most engaging presentation style. Her seminars are incredibly well researched and go beyond expectations every time. She manages to make complex, dense information easily understandable, and connects well with her audience. You will walk away informed, charmed and seeking out ways to ally with Indigenous People and acknowledge their knowledge.

Ann Tang / Office Manager / Peacebuilders Canada